Since the first day of its establishment, Rearas has been on its way with a stability aiming to increase continuously in the WORLD with its branding activities, innovations and the firsts it has brought to the sector. Rearas achieved great growth in a short time with its successful and systematic work. Adopting the mission of pioneering the world jewelry industry with innovations and firsts, Rearas aims to provide a preferred shopping experience by achieving excellent product and service quality. Our job is to make our guests realize their diamond dreams.
Therefore, We want to be a diamond brand that meets different needs by always keeping up to date and following trends, growing in the right locations and providing the best service, so that we can easily reach us in the geography where we do business.
For us, the word is everything, we stand behind our word.
We support our most asset, our employees, to be the best at what they do and develop in every aspect, so Rearas together we prepare themselves for the future.

Our work environment is based on human love, happiness and common sense.
In order to ensure the continuity of the standards we promise to our guests, we work with the awareness of saving without wasting our resources in all links of the chain from purchasing to sales points.

Another policy of our company is to be careful about workmanship. In some countries people are worked to die and diamonds are mined, we are very against this working system, and we strongly condemn this working system. Each of our employees works happily by getting the right of their labor. This feeds us not only financially, but also spiritually. Every jewelry you buy from Rearas, is not just materials, but you feel with spiritual value, with comfort, every product you wear with pleasure.

Carefully made with the perspective of these young and dynamic Italian designers, our products also support and donate to the social welfare organizations of Every item purchased along with your purchases. This is another policy that makes us happy.