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Dads also like to wear jewellery

You’re not going to buy a solitaire ring for your father, husband or boyfriend, but guess what? Men love jewelry too! If you’re tired of buying too many ties, shirts or purses for the dads in your life for Father’s Day, it may be time to broaden your gift horizons and see what the fine jewelery world has to offer. You’ll probably find something that will make Dad feel special and will love to wear it for years to come.

Real men wear bracelets, necklaces and rings! The great thing about men’s jewelry is that it’s often made of non-traditional materials such as stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and carbon fiber – making it extremely durable and stylish at the same time. Men’s bracelets are typically wider and more substantial than women’s bracelets and feature links, chains and leather cords. Popular necklace styles range from simple chains to pendant chains such as dog tags or other symbols. Besides a ring with a birthstone, another special idea for a Father’s Day gift is a ring with the word dad specially inscribed.

If you can’t resist buying Dad a shirt for Father’s Day, make it with French cuffs and wrap it with a stylish pair of cufflinks. There are many styles of cufflinks available, from classic round or square shapes in silver, stainless steel, titanium or gold to more elaborate designs embellished with diamonds and other precious stones

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What is a good mother’s day gift?

Our mothers are almost like our protectors on earth, whose rights we can never pay. From infancy to those days of old age, don’t we all feel like what we give to these women who worry about us at all times, who want to protect us and who always see us as children, not just one day of the year, in fact every day of the year?

We are all in a hurry now, what is the best mother’s day gift to give to these precious women? If you are considering this question, we have a few suggestions for you.


Diamonds are the most powerful stones known as the symbol of love and devotion. The story of our mothers bringing us to life is difficult and grueling, but equally loving, just like the hard story of diamond reaching the surface from under the earth’s crust. Could there be a more elegant gift than a diamond for our mothers who shaped us like a diamond engraved?
This year, you can present a diamond accessory to our mothers who are as powerful as diamonds, meaningful and valuable.


We have compiled diamond necklaces and diamond earrings for you in Rearas’ spring / summer collection.


Pentagram Diamond Ring
Pentagram, five-stoned, 0.24 Carat, 8k, Diamond, Ring
Diamond Flower Design Earrings
Diamond, flower design, 8k, 4.8g, for woman, for girls, earrings


1,12 Carat Baguette Ring 



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Married Proposal and Solitaire

Are you curious about the story of the solitaire diamond, a symbol of devotion and love for women? The origin of the single stone diamond that was given as a gift while proposing a marriage dates back to Rome in the 1470s. The first known event in history is the Archduke Maximilian of Austria, known for sending a record-sized diamond to his fiancee. This event increases the place and interest of the diamond among the nobles. This movement, which combines the power, indestructibility of diamond with the power of love, increases the interest in solitaire diamonds day by day.

  According to the tradition that has been going on from 1477 to the present, diamond formation has been the subject of a marriage proposal because it takes millions of years, it is a very difficult stone to be removed and the particle formed at the end can remain for a lifetime.

Just like your love, your rings also symbolize eternity, you can look at the solitaires we have carefully selected for you.

pink gold ring for engagement
pink gold rings, engagement gold ring, price, simple design, jewelry for sale

Where does the diamond originate from?

What do you think of the diamond sparkle trend that has been on the rise again recently? We can say that diamond, which is known as the most precious of stones, has been indispensable in every period, but we see that especially Hollywood stars have covered their bodies with diamonds recently. How would you like to know a little more about diamonds, a symbol of power and beauty?


The origin of the word diamond comes from the word ‘almas’, which means the hardest of the gemstones in Arabic and Persian. Diamonds were so powerful stones that they were believed to be supernatural stones in many times. It was impossible to cut them. For these reasons, some people thought they were detached from the stars. There were people who believed it had healing power. For a period, they were called the tears of the gods. These stones, which have preserved their features and strength in every period, have now become the symbol of beauty and elegance. As a precious and indestructible stone, diamond began to be cut and processed over time. They were turned into tiny diamonds to show our love and devotion.


In fact, contrary to what most people know, diamonds and diamonds are the same thing. Diamond is the processed form of diamond. The diamond was designed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky. What makes it so unique and valuable is that thanks to the light refraction contained in the cut of the stone, it makes the stone look brighter and more radiant than it is.


Nothing so perfectly symbolizes love, devotion, and power, other than these small but precious stones. If you want the diamond, which is a part of its eternity and indestructibility, symbolizes your love, you can examine the models we have chosen.

Diamond Flower Design Earrings
Diamond, flower design, 8k, 4.8g, for woman, for girls, earrings
diamond, jewelry
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Earring Recommendations for Men

Earring, 0.10carat, diamond, for men, black diamond

An extremely wide range of men’s earrings is offered to you. When choosing from the varieties, you can choose a pin or ring or your own design. You can use simple pin gold men’s earrings for one or two ears.


You can develop a unique style with earrings in different sizes. You may need to be a little more careful when choosing earrings for your office attire. For this, you can choose classic models that can be compatible with your business life.


Choosing models that can be compatible with your personal style is the most important detail. You can start creating stylish combinations with the earrings you choose, considering your general clothing style.


Before ordering an earring model you like, it is recommended that you examine the product size and production material in detail. By using different earring models together, it is possible to reach the style you want comfortably.


If you want to display an assertive style, you can choose the flashier gold earring models. You can turn all the attention to your style with REARAS signed gold men’s earrings models that can help you complete your outfits in the best way possible.


Among the gold men’s earrings prices, there are options that can adapt to different budgets. Pricing may vary depending on the workmanship and type of the model. You can start to feel completely renewed with gold men’s earrings models that you can have with the assurance of REARAS.


You can visit to meet stylish men’s gifts, men’s bracelet models, cufflinks and men’s necklaces.

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Several Diamond Facts


 Diamonds have a long history. Dinosaurs and other extinct beings lived in the past. The largest diamond is 3.2 billion years old, while the youngest is 900 million.

 The hardest natural material known to man is diamond. It has a hardness of 58 times that of the hardest metal on the planet.

 A diamond can only be cut by another diamond.

 Each stone loses more than half of its original weight through cutting and polishing.

 Just about 5% of diamonds used in jewelry are larger than one carat.

 Diamonds come in a range of shades. Red is the most unusual.

 In 1905, the world’s largest gem-quality diamond, Cullinan, was discovered in South Africa. Before it was sliced, it weighed 3,106 carats (roughly the size of an ostrich egg).

 In a diamond auction, the highest price charged per carat was $ 1 million for a purplish red diamond weighing 0.95 carats.

 Just one double-decker bus could be packed if all the diamonds carved since the beginning of time were collected.

 The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘adamas,’ which means ‘unconquerable.’

 The word ‘carat’ comes from the seed ‘carob’, which was used as a measure of weight for weighing gemstones in ancient times.

 The custom of giving diamond rings as a token of love and loyalty dates back to the 15th  century, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary, Duchess of Burgundy, a diamond ring during her marriage. The tradition of wearing a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand comes from the ancient Egyptians’ belief that the ‘vena amoris’ (love vein) directly reached the heart from this finger.

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5 Tips for Gold & Diamond Necklaces

Gold and Diamond
  1. What is the Meaning of a Gold Necklace?

You will work out how many carats are in a gold necklace. The number 585, for example, denotes 14 karat gold. In the certificate of the items you purchased goldfish, you will find detail on how many carat pieces of the necklace there are. and REARAS customer service will provide you with the most reliable information.

  1. What Is the Best Way to Polish a Blackened Necklace?

Dishwashing detergent should be dripped into boiling water, and the darkened necklace should be left for a few minutes. Then you should remove the necklace from the water and clean it with the brush that came with it. Alternatively, you should soak your necklace in a mixture of a cup of grated white soap and ammonia for 45 minutes. You should also take off your necklace and wash it with soap and water.

  1. How to Identify a Genuine Pearl Necklace

The first approach allows you to light the pearl on fire for a short period of time. Your pearl is genuine if there were no issues with melting or drying. The second approach is to use a sharp object, such as a knife or scissors, to gently remove the pearl. If the pearl is genuine, it will return to its original shape when you scratch the area with your hand.

  1. What Is the Meaning of a Choker Necklace?

The choker necklace was a common piece of jewelry in the 1990s. Choker necklaces have become popular in recent years. Choker necklaces, also known as “collar necklaces,” go well with a variety of outfits. The choker necklace, which is a street fashion staple, comes in rope and bead versions.

  1. What Is the Easiest Way to Untangle a Twisted Necklace?

With a fine-tipped crochet needle, you can quickly untangle the twisted necklace. You may also use olive oil to support you with this. Put your necklace in a bowl of olive oil, take it out after a while, and use a small crochet hook to open the knot. With this process, you will notice that the entanglement is easily removed.


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How to Get it Genuine Gold and Fake Gold?


The stamp with the setting data of the item ought to be checked on the acquired product.

There is twisting in unadulterated gold or near-pure brow settings, this could be done with the gnawing strategy that has been practiced for a long time. As it were gold with a moo rate of immaculate gold may be less likely to see dental follows that will happen. This ought to too be paid consideration to.

The realness of gold can too be tried with a little magnet test. Since there’s no attractive fabric in gold, it ought to not pull in gold.

When buying gold, the fabric esteem of that item is uncovered by looking at that day’s parcel and the labor taken a toll of that item. Gold, which is particularly interesting and contains a moo labor esteem, can never be sold at a cost much lower than its showcase value.

With the ceramic plate test, it can be caught on whether the gold is genuine or not. In the event that a dark streak shows up after you rub the gold on a ceramic plate, that gold is fake.

It isn’t influenced by gold clean and dampness. In addition, it incorporates a structure that does not connected with discuss and water. It does not oxidize. On the off chance that your adornments have oxidized over time, it isn’t genuine gold.

You can tell in the event that your gold is fake with the nitric corrosive explore. Put the gems in a steel bowl and drop a drop of nitric corrosive on it. In the event that a green color response happens, the adornments plated metal; In case a yellow response happens, rice; In case a smooth response occurs, it is gold-plated silver. Genuine gold does not respond to nitric acid.

Another strategy you’ll be able test at jewelers is the touchstone and setting test; Stamps and engravings on gold can be eradicated over time, in this case, jewelers as a rule utilize this strategy. In this strategy, the adornments are to begin with rubbed against the touchstone and a line is made. A while later, setting corrosive is dropped on this line. On the off chance that the line vanishes when corrosive is dribbled, either the gold setting is moo or the gold is fake.

As REARAS family, we have included this subject on our page to warn our valued customers about this issue and to test the authenticity of every product we sell.

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How Numerous Carats Ought to My Precious Stone Be?

How Numerous Carats Ought to My Precious Stone Be?

How Numerous Carats Ought to My Precious Stone Be?

In today’s web journal post, we bring you the subject of carat (Ct), which is the unit you employ a lot but whose meaning isn’t known precisely. Precious stone is without a doubt greatly eye-catching and valuable! Be that as it may why numerous of us utilize carats as a unit of degree for precious stones, what is carats and what measure ought to we get it when we say “that numerous carats”, we do not know. You’ll moreover not know that the carat isn’t the as it were thing that decides the esteem of the stone. Here is the curiously data of today’s carats!

Let’s Begin with What We Call “Carats”

Carat is characterized as the degree of the weight unit of the precious stone. Carat, in reality, alludes to the weight of the grasshopper bean. In old times, when there were no delicate scales, carob seeds were utilized as a implies of calculating the weights of valuable stones. Each beetle bean is 200 mg and in 1907 the weight of the carat was decided as 200 mg among all nations. In spite of the fact that carat stands out in terms of measuring the esteem and estimate of a jewel, two distinctive jewel rings of the same measure can be of diverse qualities.

Precious Stones Are Classified with Properties Known As 5C

5C stands for: Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat and Certificate. Subsequently, the esteem of a 1 carat precious stone can indeed be 4 times the half carat one. Since, other than the carat measure, other variables such as color and clarity are too vital for the money related esteem of the diamond. In case you need to blessing your adored one a genuine precious stone, you’ll be able effectively tell on the off chance that it is fake or not from the certificate. Our precious stone items are I’m Diamond / GIA / HRD globally certified. Certificate cards and information are continuously sent along with your arrange. In case you need your jewel blessings to be secured by the guarantee, you ought to unquestionably pay consideration to the certificate.

If you want to buy reliable and trustworthy diamond, you should visit “ “.



Carat Ruby Water Drop Necklace designed by Italian REARAS Luxury Producers for love. Water is something pure like love which is depends on people to people. Love is not just between male & female. Love is life. You can find love in this piece. Shine with us…

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