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What is a good mother’s day gift?

Our mothers are almost like our protectors on earth, whose rights we can never pay. From infancy to those days of old age, don’t we all feel like what we give to these women who worry about us at all times, who want to protect us and who always see us as children, not just one day of the year, in fact every day of the year?

We are all in a hurry now, what is the best mother’s day gift to give to these precious women? If you are considering this question, we have a few suggestions for you.


Diamonds are the most powerful stones known as the symbol of love and devotion. The story of our mothers bringing us to life is difficult and grueling, but equally loving, just like the hard story of diamond reaching the surface from under the earth’s crust. Could there be a more elegant gift than a diamond for our mothers who shaped us like a diamond engraved?
This year, you can present a diamond accessory to our mothers who are as powerful as diamonds, meaningful and valuable.


We have compiled diamond necklaces and diamond earrings for you in Rearas’ spring / summer collection.


Pentagram Diamond Ring
Pentagram, five-stoned, 0.24 Carat, 8k, Diamond, Ring
Diamond Flower Design Earrings
Diamond, flower design, 8k, 4.8g, for woman, for girls, earrings


1,12 Carat Baguette Ring 



gold The world of jewelry

5 Tips for Gold & Diamond Necklaces

Gold and Diamond
  1. What is the Meaning of a Gold Necklace?

You will work out how many carats are in a gold necklace. The number 585, for example, denotes 14 karat gold. In the certificate of the items you purchased goldfish, you will find detail on how many carat pieces of the necklace there are. and REARAS customer service will provide you with the most reliable information.

  1. What Is the Best Way to Polish a Blackened Necklace?

Dishwashing detergent should be dripped into boiling water, and the darkened necklace should be left for a few minutes. Then you should remove the necklace from the water and clean it with the brush that came with it. Alternatively, you should soak your necklace in a mixture of a cup of grated white soap and ammonia for 45 minutes. You should also take off your necklace and wash it with soap and water.

  1. How to Identify a Genuine Pearl Necklace

The first approach allows you to light the pearl on fire for a short period of time. Your pearl is genuine if there were no issues with melting or drying. The second approach is to use a sharp object, such as a knife or scissors, to gently remove the pearl. If the pearl is genuine, it will return to its original shape when you scratch the area with your hand.

  1. What Is the Meaning of a Choker Necklace?

The choker necklace was a common piece of jewelry in the 1990s. Choker necklaces have become popular in recent years. Choker necklaces, also known as “collar necklaces,” go well with a variety of outfits. The choker necklace, which is a street fashion staple, comes in rope and bead versions.

  1. What Is the Easiest Way to Untangle a Twisted Necklace?

With a fine-tipped crochet needle, you can quickly untangle the twisted necklace. You may also use olive oil to support you with this. Put your necklace in a bowl of olive oil, take it out after a while, and use a small crochet hook to open the knot. With this process, you will notice that the entanglement is easily removed.


gold The world of jewelry

How to Get it Genuine Gold and Fake Gold?


The stamp with the setting data of the item ought to be checked on the acquired product.

There is twisting in unadulterated gold or near-pure brow settings, this could be done with the gnawing strategy that has been practiced for a long time. As it were gold with a moo rate of immaculate gold may be less likely to see dental follows that will happen. This ought to too be paid consideration to.

The realness of gold can too be tried with a little magnet test. Since there’s no attractive fabric in gold, it ought to not pull in gold.

When buying gold, the fabric esteem of that item is uncovered by looking at that day’s parcel and the labor taken a toll of that item. Gold, which is particularly interesting and contains a moo labor esteem, can never be sold at a cost much lower than its showcase value.

With the ceramic plate test, it can be caught on whether the gold is genuine or not. In the event that a dark streak shows up after you rub the gold on a ceramic plate, that gold is fake.

It isn’t influenced by gold clean and dampness. In addition, it incorporates a structure that does not connected with discuss and water. It does not oxidize. On the off chance that your adornments have oxidized over time, it isn’t genuine gold.

You can tell in the event that your gold is fake with the nitric corrosive explore. Put the gems in a steel bowl and drop a drop of nitric corrosive on it. In the event that a green color response happens, the adornments plated metal; In case a yellow response happens, rice; In case a smooth response occurs, it is gold-plated silver. Genuine gold does not respond to nitric acid.

Another strategy you’ll be able test at jewelers is the touchstone and setting test; Stamps and engravings on gold can be eradicated over time, in this case, jewelers as a rule utilize this strategy. In this strategy, the adornments are to begin with rubbed against the touchstone and a line is made. A while later, setting corrosive is dropped on this line. On the off chance that the line vanishes when corrosive is dribbled, either the gold setting is moo or the gold is fake.

As REARAS family, we have included this subject on our page to warn our valued customers about this issue and to test the authenticity of every product we sell.

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